Voice Over Recording

by Baba Prasad Lakshman | Aug 3, 2017 | Recording |
Hi all,
Recording Voice over is always a challenge in the Studio because it requires more concentration on the Subject. Be it a E-Learning or an E-Book Reading project the pronunciation and also the Modulation has be given the TOP priority in the Recording. More over editing becomes the Major part as we listen to the Entire recording and also the lots of Pop and lip noise would be there in the recording. The main problem is to avoid lots of Breath control. I am not telling you to completely remove the Breath, its sounds very artificial. Have it at lower volume and just Gates If possible. Few tips for Voice Recording.
1. Place the Mic approx 6 inches away from the Voice Artiste

2. Do not get too close to the mic as this will create Proximity effect.

3. As the Artiste to take breaks in between the Takes and give him Water to prevent Dryness

4. If too much of Breath Noise is present, then use Gating In your Channel to Remove the Unwanted Sounds.

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Recording Vocals

by Baba Prasad Lakshman | Apr 30, 2017 | Mixing, Recording |

Hi everyone,

Recording Vocals is one of the main tasks in the studio or at your home studio. Many of the starters or home studio owners ask me how to get that studio quality vocals on my sound interface because I only have a basic Sound card which is the Focusrite scarlett 2i2 etc.,

Well, its not about a basic sound card or advanced sound card, its about your ROOM!

Your room has all unwanted reflection which is also recorded into your mic, If the room is not treated well, you will surely have a bad sounding recorded track on your DAW. If you wanted to get that Tight clean signal like the Studio and know the real work flow, come and attend our upcoming now. Limited Seats only!

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Learn Audio Engineering and Music Production

by Baba Prasad Lakshman | Jul 10, 2017 | Mixing, Recording |

Hi there

Welcome to the creative world of Audio Engineering and music production. Many of the starters and home music producers have tone of resources on the youtube and the internet to find what they want, but bare in mind that there are millions of videos with tips and tricks etc., but when you implement it in your recording session or any mixing session, many of them face lots of problem that they don’t get that Pro sound in their Recordings or Mixing and also in their Music Production!

Recording on your DAW

by Baba Prasad Lakshman | Apr 17, 2017 | Recording |

Hi Folks,

I know that there are many starters wanted to create their music and produce high quality output using their basic entry level audio interface. But many tend to misunderstand the correct input during recording. They simply record with hot high signal level and it sound to distort their tracks and they jump to insert some plugins pushing even further without knowing how to read the PEAK and RMS meters on their DAW.

No matter what DAW you use, great sound comes from

According to StefMic Placement
Good Cables
Setting correct Gain Control on your Pre AMP
Using EQ effectively
Compressing and setting the levels correctly

Sometimes, compression is not needed it the sound sits properly in your mix! There is no Fixed rule in your Audio mixing. If you wanted to

learn the proper way to get the best
get pro results using your audio interface
learn to tweak your EQ and use compression in detail
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Mixing with Waves SSL plugin

by Baba Prasad Lakshman | Mar 28, 2017 | Mixing |

Well, waves as this giant audio plugin company requires no introduction, is used but almost by all recording studios worldwide. Particularly, the waves SSL bundle is one of the best and popular plugin bundle even today.

In today’s modern DAW, our recordings are clean, our signal path is clear. We all use very good cable, Mic pre’s and very good AD/DA convertor, but still we all lack one of the key elements in our recording chain… Guess what?


Many starters think that if we just add an SSL EQ or a COMP we can tweak and get a good bright sound, well that’s not the case of this Plugin. This SSL has something more that that, look at that button called ANALOG in the SSL plugin. It’s that vintage SSL 4000 G & E series mixers sound right in your DAW for a fraction of cost. It you wanted to learn more about using these plugins for mixing and mastering , Join our Sound Engineering Course Mixing & Mastering. Call us at 9884145966 or Email us at babalkp@gmail.com

How to EQ electric guitar?

How to EQ electric guitar?

by Baba Prasad Lakshman | Mar 24, 2017 | Mixing |

How to EQ electric guitar?

How to EQ electric guitar? this is the question i get from starters who have a basic audio interface and trying to record Electric guitar and then EQ it. Well, most of the time many tweak the EQ to by setting increasing Bass or Treble so that it will sound awesome in their mix.

The Result is:


Well, the best thing to do is to Reduce the Unwanted Sound from the guitar track you just recorded. Any stock EQ should to the best for your guitar track. Some people say third party plugins do a great job, but it all depends on the tone and how good it sits on your mix

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Mixing on headphones

by Baba Prasad Lakshman | Jan 24, 2017 | Mixing |

Mixing on headphones

I know this sounds a bit odd, but many home studio budding engineers cannot afford a pair of monitors or do not have space in their room. So the common questions they ask me is

Can I mix with my ordinary headphones?
Answer: The first thing i would like to tell is mixing too long in the headphones will cause ear fatigue and the ear drums become aged soon. So your after years, your ears will not be able to judge certain frequencies which you were doing earlier. So i really don’t recommend using the headphones for long time.

Do I need a costly pair of headphones?
Answer: No, you just need to get your ears tuned or practice various versions of mixes then you arrive at a point were you understand YOUR headphones better.

Which is the best headphones for mixing?
Answer: Well, it depends on your budget, some of the best one i like is the beyerdynamic DT770 etc.

If you can’t then there are other solutions like sonarworks.com which gives an alternate solution for your headphone calibration for mixing.