July 1, 2019

Voice Recording

Voice Recording Record your voice with the state of the art Microphone  to give that great sound for your voice or song in your projects. ₹ 600/hour onwards Book Now
July 1, 2019

Hybrid Mixing

Hybrid Mixing Get the best sound of both pure analogue and digital sound in your favorite projects to get a good wide space in your final mix. ₹ 600/hour onwards Book Now
July 1, 2019

Hardware Mastering

Hardware Mastering If you wanted to get that Big Fat Punchy sound in your Final Mix and Mastering, Hardware mastering is the only solution. ₹ 600/hour onwards Read more
July 1, 2019

Podcast Recording

Podcast Recording Record your podcast shows at the best sound quality and share to this world. ₹ 600/hour onwards Read more
May 18, 2018

4K Video Podcast Interview Shooting

4K Video Podcast Interview Shooting Video podcast is the most trending in Youtube and many social media. We provide state of art 4K Video Shooting of your Podcast interviews and provide high quality audio to meet your needs. ₹ 600/hour onwards Read more