Voice Over Recording

by Baba Prasad Lakshman | Aug 3, 2017 | Recording |
Hi all,
Recording Voice over is always a challenge in the Studio because it requires more concentration on the Subject. Be it a E-Learning or an E-Book Reading project the pronunciation and also the Modulation has be given the TOP priority in the Recording. More over editing becomes the Major part as we listen to the Entire recording and also the lots of Pop and lip noise would be there in the recording. The main problem is to avoid lots of Breath control. I am not telling you to completely remove the Breath, its sounds very artificial. Have it at lower volume and just Gates If possible. Few tips for Voice Recording.
1. Place the Mic approx 6 inches away from the Voice Artiste

2. Do not get too close to the mic as this will create Proximity effect.

3. As the Artiste to take breaks in between the Takes and give him Water to prevent Dryness

4. If too much of Breath Noise is present, then use Gating In your Channel to Remove the Unwanted Sounds.

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