Recording on your DAW

by Baba Prasad Lakshman | Apr 17, 2017 | Recording |

Hi Folks,

I know that there are many starters wanted to create their music and produce high quality output using their basic entry level audio interface. But many tend to misunderstand the correct input during recording. They simply record with hot high signal level and it sound to distort their tracks and they jump to insert some plugins pushing even further without knowing how to read the PEAK and RMS meters on their DAW.

No matter what DAW you use, great sound comes from

According to StefMic Placement
Good Cables
Setting correct Gain Control on your Pre AMP
Using EQ effectively
Compressing and setting the levels correctly

Sometimes, compression is not needed it the sound sits properly in your mix! There is no Fixed rule in your Audio mixing. If you wanted to

learn the proper way to get the best
get pro results using your audio interface
learn to tweak your EQ and use compression in detail
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