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Using High Pass Filter

by Baba Prasad Lakshman | Jun 7, 2017 | Mixing |

Hi there,

I get this question from my students every time to give me some tips on using High Pass Filter in any DAW. Ok…. Let me give in points so that its easy to follow.

HPF means = PASS only the HIGH FREQUENCY and reject the LOW FREQUENCY

The Purpose of using High Pass Filter in Protools or HPF

“Remove the bottom rumble Low end frequencies in your recordings which includes your room acoustics or the sound produced from any source etc”

How to Use it?

Keep Rolling of until your low frequency disappears and then roll back again a bit until you hear like your natural sound how it was captured.

First SOLO the Tracks then start using the HPF knob
You can roll of at 80Hz to 90 Hz for male Vocals and 100 Hz to 110 Hz for female vocals. But again this is not the exact frequency you should follow, it depends on the source.
Roll off around 130 Hz to 140 Hz for an Electric Guitar or Rhythm Guitars and try to see how it also sound in your whole mix in context with your song.
Roll off at 70Hz for Bass Guitar and again its not Fixed, you can try different frequencies and see how it really does the magic in your mix!
For the Kick Drum you can roll of at 60 Hz to leave room for your Bass Guitar to sit well in your mix
Try this in any of your DAW, your mix will be so clean.


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